“Mecha the Slag is one of the best and most active modders in the Team Fortress 2 community.” – TF2Portal

“With Mecha the Slag’s incredible abilities to make even alien things seem normal… it seems normal!” – Kritzkast

PC Gamer

PC Gamer is a recognized gaming magazine also available online.

12th of March 2012 – The TF2 Bomberman Mod made it to the front page of the online PC Gamer magazine.


Kotaku is an online gaming news site

13th of March 2012 – The TF2 Bomberman Mod gets featured under top stories.

The Escapist Magazine

The Escapist is an online gaming news source

13th of March 2012 – The TF2 Bomberman Mod got featured


Kritzkast is an online Team Fortress 2 podcast.

11th of March 2012 – The TF2 Bomberman Mod was discussed on the podcast

15th of December 2011 – Nightmare Fortress was discussed on the podcast

30th of September 2011 – MDL Hexer was mentioned on the blog

31st of August 2011 – Advanced Weaponiser 2 was discussed on the podcast

1st of April 2011 – A work-in-production game by Mecha the Slag was discussed on the podcast