TF2 Bomberman

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(Note: The mode is part of Gamemode Madness and is in rotation) 


TF2 Bomberman is a Team Fortress 2 mod based on the classic video game “Bomberman”.

TF2 Bomberman is played with RED Demomen on a grid with breakable blocks and a weak version of the Stickybomb Launcher that can only fire one sticky at a time, detnonates by itself, and fires extremely slow. The blocks when broken release powerups that make you fire faster, increase the number of stickies launched, make you run faster, and have them detnonate faster. When killed, you become a BLU Demoman on top of the map, shooting at the remaning RED with an extremely slow Loch-n-Load that only fires one bullet at a time. When you kill a RED Demoman, you take their spot. When there are two RED players left, the remaining BLU become ghosts that go around the map, and kill the players on contact. The last remaining player wins.

Development Team

Lefonna – Concept maker, map maker, team leader
Mecha the Slag (Jonas Kærlev) – Coder


Public Review

PC Gamer – 12th of March 2012