Advanced Weaponiser 2

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Advanced Weaponiser 2 is a Team Fortress 2 mod that adds new weapons to Team Fortress 2.

The mod is the sucessor to Advanced Weaponiser, also made by myself (Mecha the Slag).


Advanced Weaponiser 2 has gained huge popularity due to it’s close connection to the gaming community. Most if not all weaponry is based on community suggestions and/or implementations.

Some mod features is the addition of weapons with many custom attributes, such as “Disorientates on Impact” (The Perceptionist), “Revives You With an Electrical Shock Upon Near-Death” (The Electroshock), and even “Can Climb Walls” (The Camper’s Climber) The mod has over 30 weapons, and new ones are tested every month.

Development Team

Mecha the Slag

Author and Main Developer


Community Contributor


Community Contributor


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