Super Zombie Fortress

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Super Zombie Fortress is a server-side mod created by Mecha the Slag, and is based off the earlier “Zombie Fortress” mod. The mod pits survivors (RED) to try and either outlast the map time or capture all the control points, while surviving the player-controlled zombies (BLU). (Scout, Heavy,and Spy) When a player dies, they are turned into a zombie. The last survivor is granted overheal, and their weapons get a 100% critical chance. The changes made in the Super version, is the map choice on making survivors start out with their melee weapon, and then have to find weapons along the way. Another is the addition of Special Infected. When a player does well as a zombie, they get a chance to become a “Special Infected”. The player then either becomes a Spy with a damaging lazer, or a Heavy with a powerful Splendid Screen that stuns on hit. There is word on a Special Infected for Scout, but it is not clear what that will do.

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