TF2 Bomberman

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TF2 Bomberman is a Team Fortress 2 mod based on the classic video game “Bomberman”.

TF2 Bomberman is played with RED Demomen on a grid with breakable blocks and a weak version of the Stickybomb Launcher that can only fire one sticky at a time, detnonates by itself, and fires extremely slow. The blocks when broken release powerups that make you fire faster, increase the number of stickies launched, make you run faster, and have them detnonate faster. When killed, you become a BLU Demoman on top of the map, shooting at the remaning RED with an extremely slow Loch-n-Load that only fires one bullet at a time. When you kill a RED Demoman, you take their spot. When there are two RED players left, the remaining BLU become ghosts that go around the map, and kill the players on contact. The last remaining player wins.

Development Team

Lefonna – Concept maker, map maker, team leader
Mecha the Slag (Jonas Kærlev) – Coder


Public Review

PC Gamer – 12th of March 2012

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TF2Ware is a custom SourceMod game mode and accompanying map that emulates the gameplay style of the WarioWare game series on Nintendo consoles.

The gameplay within the map involves all players participating in randomly chosen ‘microgames’, simple tasks with short instructions and a duration of less than 5 seconds. Players are automatically changed to the class the microgame (or their role within the microgame) requires, are generally forced to wield a specific weapon (or whatever is currently in the required slot), and do not have any ammunition or cannot melee unless the microgame requires it. Players earn one point per microgame that they ‘win’, and as soon as one player has 18 points a Boss Stage is begun, which is longer (about one minute on average) and slightly more complex than the normal microgames, and always has a dedicated environment within the map. The player with the most points following a Boss Stage is given free rein to kill all other players on the stage, after which the flow of gameplay is looped and everybody’s score resets to 0.

The gamemode was made by Jonas Kærlev (‘Mecha the Slag’)

Notable Fact

A total of 4 Valve Software employees has played TF2Ware as of writing; the most recent being Druken f00l.

Special Thanks To

NuclearWatermelon – Coding
Benny – Coding
Marty – Mapping

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Nightmare Fortress

Nightmare Fortress is a Team Fortress 2 mod focusing on Player vs Environment.

Unfortunately the project never made it past closed alpha testing.


Special Thanks To

Neox – Mapping

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MDL Hexer 1.02


The MDL Hexer is a piece of software I developed late 2011. It allows one to modify textures and internal path on Valve Software’s MDL model format. It has since then been discontinued.


Modify texture paths without recompiling the model

Modify any model’s internal path without recompiling


This software is discontinued. No support or warranty provided or implied. The software has been reported to occasionally provide incorrect results.

Special Thanks To

FlaminSarge – Helping with offsets

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Super Zombie Fortress

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Super Zombie Fortress is a server-side mod created by Mecha the Slag, and is based off the earlier “Zombie Fortress” mod. The mod pits survivors (RED) to try and either outlast the map time or capture all the control points, while surviving the player-controlled zombies (BLU). (Scout, Heavy,and Spy) When a player dies, they are turned into a zombie. The last survivor is granted overheal, and their weapons get a 100% critical chance. The changes made in the Super version, is the map choice on making survivors start out with their melee weapon, and then have to find weapons along the way. Another is the addition of Special Infected. When a player does well as a zombie, they get a chance to become a “Special Infected”. The player then either becomes a Spy with a damaging lazer, or a Heavy with a powerful Splendid Screen that stuns on hit. There is word on a Special Infected for Scout, but it is not clear what that will do.

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Parkour Fortress

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Parkour Fortress is a server modification created by Jonas Kærlev (aka ‘Mecha the Slag’) for Team Fortress 2, which is heavily influenced by Mirror’s Edge, in which the player can freerun around user-created maps.

While in Parkour Fortress, speed, timing, and precision are used to the player’s advantage (or in some cases, disadvantage) to pull off stunts and tricks while keeping momentum, and either reach the end of the course or to bring all of the flags to one location, thus winning the round.

This is incredible Mecha, especially with Valve’s limited support for this type of modding.

Oh my god. You’re amazing! Can’t wait to see when you actually finish the First Person models, which already look very good, and the world view models. Keep it up, this is extremely amazing.

Tribal Dolphin











Sexy Robot













Programming Support

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