A Hat in Time

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Follow Hat Kid as she travels in time, solves mysteries and beat up bad guys!

A Hat in Time is a collectathon adventure game. Run around in 7 vastly different worlds, while the evil Moustache Girl is loose causing havoc! Even if you can’t beat the bad guys right now, don’t worry, you’ve got time on your hands. Change the course of the game’s story and before you know it, the enemies are crumbling in fear.

The game is inspired by retro 3D collectathon adventure games like Banjo-Kazooie, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Donkey Kong 64 etc.. As a result, environment, characters and platforming are key elements in this game!

Hat Kid doesn’t come unarmed: she has her trusty umbrella that has a multitude of applications, such as a melee weapon, a hookshot and even a propella! Use your wits and change history in order to explore all possible different realities!

Minimum System Requirements
Windows XP or later
2.0+ GHz processor
512 MB system RAM
3 GB free hard drive space

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Discussion @ Slag Gaming


Tengoku.Me is a rhythm simulator based on Nintendo’s Rhythm Heaven series. It’s main focus is customization: being able to make your own rhythm experience.

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Invert Inc.




Welcome to Invert Inc. and Invert Inc. related accessories. Invert Inc. presents to you: Invert Inc. Invertion Energy: Fueling the world with Invert Inc., available anywhere. Invert Inc.: Your safetynet for energy resources.


30 unique puzzle levels inside the Invert Inc. complex.

An entirely custom musical touch.

A simple level editor to make and share even more levels!


Invert Inc. won second place in the 20-event GameBuilder competition.

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